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Regional Advisory Boards

Trillium Health Resources has a 2-tiered governance structure to keep governance close to the communities we serve through Regional Advisory Boards.  These Advisory Boards, in turn, elect representatives to the Governing Board. 


  • To involve local stakeholders to respond to unique community needs and priorities
  • To promote understanding and collaboration at the local level
  • To provide local participation in monitoring the performance and services within each region


  • Advise the CEO on evaluation and hiring of future Regional Directors
  • Recommend priorities for expenditures of state/county funds for development of the annual budget
  • Recommend priorities for the area-wide strategic plan
  • Identify community needs and concerns
  • Monitor resolution of issues
  • Monitor performance at the regional level:
  • Identify gaps and needs; make recommendations on the service array
    • Access to Care
    • Financial Status and Expenditures
    • Service Delivery
    • Provider Network Size and Composition
    • Enrollee Satisfaction


  • One (1) CFAC Chair or Designee
  • Two (2) members from each county, appointed by respective Boards of County Commissioners
    • County Commissioner or Designee
    • Other appointee who meets criteria outlined in G.S. 122C-118.1

For meeting schedules and rosters of each Regional Advisory Board, click on the links below.