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Compassion Reaction

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Trillium Health Resources is committed to increasing mental health awareness within our schools and communities by applying Medicaid Reinvestment Dollars to give back.  The Compassion Reaction initiative encompasses the following programs as well as education and training for schools, administrators, teachers, and the community.  Compassion Reaction will inspire, equip and empower a permanent positive cultural change in your schools and communities.

All About Craven
Dave Peterson, Trillium Regional Director,
supporting Rachel’s Challenge for our schools

Rachel's Challenge

     Create a safe and productive learning environment by delivering proactive antidotes to violence and bullying

     Stimulate real culture change by actively involving the entire “community” in the process

     Change lives by providing culturally relevant social/emotional training

     Improve achievement and ensure results by engaging the participants’ heart, head and hands


Youth Move National LogoYouth Move National

   Youth led national organization devoted to improving services and systems that support positive growth and development

   Develop a youth-peer-support model

   Encourage youth with lived experience of life struggles to support and advocate for the wellness of their peers

   Encourage youth to take an active role in community meetings that encourage and develop change around mental health policy


my Strength Logo  myStrength

   Tailored online mental health resource

   Online resource for families, students, counselors, and providers

   A web-based approach to wellness and self-motivation

Youth mental Health First Aid USA Logo Picture Youth Mental Health First Aid

   Presents an overview of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in the US

   Introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs  of mental health  challenges

   Builds understanding of the impact of those challenges

   Overviews common treatments

If you have any questions, please call 1-866-998-2597 or email us at CompassionReaction@TrilliumNC.org

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