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Trillium requires priority admission to all women who are pregnant and injecting drugs, pregnant and using substances and other individuals who are injecting drugs.

ATTENTION PROVIDERS For additional information about the Trillium Network,  please contact your Network Operations Liaison at 1-866-998-2597. 

Trillium is pleased to announce the implementation of the new Innovations Waiver Verification of Relative/Legal Guardian as Direct Support Employee-RSDE form. Please submit the form regardless of the number of hours per week that the RSDE is proposed to provide. If those hours are not proposed to exceed 40 per week, the we will receive the form for tracking purposes only. Those forms that indicate RSDE is proposed to provide more than 40 hours/week will continue to be reviewed for prior approval and these are the only RSDE forms for which approval/denial letters will be issued. The form is available for immediate use to replace the former RAP forms (A, B & C) for those waiver recipients who are implementing the waiver changes that took effect 11/1/2016. As these changes were intended to be phased in when recipients’ annually planning occurs, Trillium will leave the RAP forms (A, B & C) here as least through 10/31/2017. For questions or clarification please contact Tim Patterson, MA, Call Center & Customer Services Coordinator by email at Tim.Patterson@TrilliumNC.org

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